Free window 8 on offer – Should this worry investors ?

Satya’s first move as CEO of Microsoft – a free version of Windows soon !

Windows has long been a cash cow for Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT  ) , with nearly every PC sold to both consumers and businesses coming with a license for the operating system. But the rise of tablets, smartphones, and the cloud has put pressure on Microsoft’s venerable OS, and the way that people interact with computing devices has fundamentally changed.

Recent reports that Microsoft is considering offering a free or low-cost version of Windows 8, along with a cut to the Windows license fee for devices that retail for less than $250, is a step toward the company’s goal of shifting from a software company to a devices and services specialist. But with Windows making up a big chunk of Microsoft’s profit, and with Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG  ) Android and Chrome OS operating systems representing the first real threat to Windows in years, should Microsoft investors be worried?

What are your thoughts on this move of Microsoft?

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