2015 – Best time to for MBAs

2015 – Best time to for MBAs

2015 – This is the best time to graduate as MBA. Your degree is more valuable in 2015 with higher salary. Top employers plan to raise salaries for new hires in 2015 according to a report published on Businessweek.

According to a survey which sampled 169 employers by the Graduate Management Admission Council, half of the them said they would be increasing the annual base salaries for new hires to keep the salaries with the rate of inflation. However, for undergraduates the salaries would be at the same level as the last year.

In addition to bigger salaries, 2015 MBAs can also look ahead for more job prospects in 2015. Around 72 percent of the employers are expected to hire new MBAs this year compared to 69 percent in 2014, and 88 percent said they will hire either as many or more MBAs as they did last year.

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