BrewDog breaks own crowdfunding record by raising £5 million in 20 days



Scottish craft brewery, BrewDog has reached the £5million milestone in the first 20 days of its record-breaking crowdfunding scheme, Equity for Punks.

To celebrate raising a fifth of its audacious £25m target in less than 3 weeks, BrewDog dropped taxidermy ‘fat cats’ carrying the Equity for Punks prospectus from a helicopter over the City.


Equity for Punks IV – Death to the Fat Cats from BrewDog on Vimeo.


The previous record was £4.25million (less costs) in just over six months which was also set by BrewDog.

The Scottish brewery marked the milestone by taking to the skies in a BrewDog helicopter for its latest guerrilla marketing exercise; dispatching taxidermy ‘fat cats’ carrying its approved share offer prospectus.

526,316 shares in the brewery have been made available, for a minimum investment of just £95 for two shares.

The capital raised from investors will be used in particular to fund an expansion of the BrewDog brewery and its international bar division, as well as launching new projects like a craft beer hotel, custom sour beer facility and a distillation plant.

With the funds raised, BrewDog plans to build a new 300HL brewhouse to operate in tandem with its existing 100HL brewhouse in Ellon, Aberdeenshire.

Alongside funding new projects in the UK such as a sour beer facility, a distillation plant, new craft beer bars and a craft beer focused hotel in Scotland called The Kennel, BrewDog intends to use the capital raised to establish a small USA-based brewing operation to quench what it believes will be a growing thirst for its beers in America.

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