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With so many inventions in the technology world, so much has changed in the education system. The use of computers has become the norm. Both learners and lectures have the freedom to access / deliver study contents from the comfort of their homes, offices or any other place of preference. Despite the fact that today learners have all the equipment/gadgets that they need to take their careers to the top levels, most of them need guidance.

There’s absolutely no reason why adult students should spend 8 hrs attending scheduled lessons when they could study online and achieve a reasonable level of work experience on the side. Students of this generation are slacking, spoilt with choices,  and sadly instead of using all the privileges that they have to help raise their chances of obtaining top jobs, they choose to follow the old education routine that is leaving most students stranded after graduation due to lack of jobs.

Education Vs Work Experience

There is no doubt that students need to fully concentrate on their studies to increase their chances of obtaining good grades. However, in this 21st century employers need more. There’s a huge difference between theory and practicals which most students do not comprehend. Most students can hardly apply their theoretical knowledge in their work places. They need training which employers find to be costly and time consuming.

Building a future with online courses

This may be news to some individuals but studying online is just as good as in-class education only that it is flexible and you have time to build a career through internships or actual paid employment. The London School of International Business offers online MBA and diploma courses to Individuals world over.

The decision is yours – these are not personal opinions but reality. Our programmes are designed keeping in mind the business scenario and the job market.

Visit and apply for your online course today and watch how your career could transform.

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