Innovation Matters: Extraordinary lessons from Dyson



How do you define success? For some, success is defined by monetary rewards, while others say success is having a positive impact on others. Lets checkout what the world’s top business leaders have to say about success.

Most businesses want to be innovative with creative people at their heart but so much gets in the way. Meetings, action points, past experience and prejudice, workloads, poor setting of priorities and inept leadership all stem the flow of ideas and stop them from being realised.

[pullquote style=”left”]Martin McCourt has spent 35 years working at the heart of British-based manufacturing, design and marketing for brands such as Dyson, Mars, Duracell, Toshiba and Pelika. [/pullquote]

Create a culture of continuous innovation

  • Create a culture of continuous innovation
  • How to generate ideas and see the good ones through
  • Inspire and celebrate creative thinking
  • Ideas should be the starting point in all businesses
  • All ideas should be celebrated regardless of whether they are progressed.

As CEO of Dyson for over 10 years, Martin McCourt led the business from niche vacuum cleaner maker to a global brand with an extensive product line.

Failing to have an effective approach to generating ideas is the equivalent of opening the door for your competitors to walk in and take what they fancy! Discover how to make innovation a habit to give your organisation the advantage.

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