Should you pursue a British Qualification ?

Should you pursue a British Qualification ? ARE BRITISH QUALIFICATIONS ACCEPTED WORLDWIDE ?

There are strong reasons for pursuing British Qualifications. When The Times recently released its university world rankings, the United Kingdom came in with the second highest number of universities on the list. This is due to the fact that, as one of the UK’s leading income-generating industries, it consistently delivers the highest of standards. For centuries the world has looked up to the British education system as the epitome of academic excellence. Here are the top reasons for  pursuing a British qualification :

1. Well-regulated award bodies

The UK government has imposed several precautionary measures to ensure that qualifications are only granted to those who earn them. It also ensures that the higher education awarding bodies maintain a certain level of quality throughout their courses and programmes.

2. Strict entry requirements for British courses

Internationalisation is an ever growing trend in the higher education industry. This has resulted in many courses accepting students who lack the necessary education and experience, which then compromises those courses’ quality and their credibility. Foreseeing this problem, the British education system has taken steps to prevent it by setting rigid entry requirements for each undergraduate qualification they provide. Further, it assesses foreign qualifications to ensure that students have reached a suitable level to enrol on a British course. In basic terms, the SoC is an officially recognised document that compares overseas academic, vocational and/or professional qualifications with their equivalent level in the UK. It therefore helps UK universities to decide whether a student is at the right stage to enrol on a course.

Tens of thousands of individuals from across the globe have obtained a Statement of Comparability. The table below shows the top ten locations of applicants over the past year:

Source: UK Naric

3. Excellent learning curriculum

Due to its well-governed awarding bodies, the UK continues to maintain its reputation as a leading higher education provider. In 2008 the Research Assessment Exercise found UK research to be ‘world leading’ and ‘internationally excellent’. Due to such recognition, most other countries around the world consider it the standard against which to measure themselves. Research conducted in the UK compared over 30 countries’ local higher education programmes with the British education system, and found that the highest standard offered through their courses was equivalent to a British bachelors (honours) degree.

4. UK graduates can easily find employment overseas

According to The Telegraph, almost one in ten British graduates who found jobs in 2011 were working overseas. Among those who were searching for jobs, 54% achieved well positioned roles outside the UK with their British qualification.

With strict quality monitoring and student acceptance guidelines, world leading curriculums and the longstanding reputation for excellence of Britain’s higher education system brand, few would argue that British qualifications are recognised the world over.

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