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A Digital World

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The U.K government has taken up the responsibility to ensure that all adults will get access to free basic digital learning/training, especially those lacking in relevant skills and qualifications. The proposal has called for an amendment upon the Digital economy bill in order for a Digital revolution to take place. Plans have been put into place for the idea to get adults back to work.  In comparison, digital is just as important as literacy and numeracy for life and work in the 21st century and therefore we welcome the Government’s announcement of access to free digital training. The Governments plans  are very ambitious and met with tremendous support in theory. Although, we have yet to see how they will harvest.

Certainly it is safe to assume that we live in a digitally reliant world. thus making it almost essential for people to engage and enhance their learning and become ‘Tech-Savvy.’ Digital learning is an excellent skill for learners both in employment and life.

U.K’s Literacy issue

It is almost tragic to accept the evidence that illiteracy still holds its presence in the UK in the 21st century. However, we must come to terms with this fact.

Research data from the Learning and Work institute suggests:

Moreover in the U.K, around 1 in 6 adults struggle with reading and writing.  Similarly, 1 in 4 adults find maths difficult. Approximately 850,000 people are not proficient in speaking English and one half of adults in England and Northern Ireland are unable to use computers effectively. This increasingly locks people out of opportunity and society:

Furthermore, One in two people with poor literacy are in work, in comparison to more than eight in ten people with those skills.  People with lower levels of literacy and numeracy are probably  less likely to vote,  face barriers to everyday community and social interactions and activities.

Free, digital, training, learning, government, adults, uk, skills, lsib

Basic Skills are essential

Almost 250,000 adults a year take basic skills courses in England.  Consequently, it will take at least 20 years just to support those with needs today.  In addition, changes such as migration, advances in technology and changes in the world of work will  impact on the need for provision in future. In today’s digital economy, being able to use modern technology and navigate the Internet is as important as English and Maths. Ten million adults in England are lacking in basic digital skills. This new policy is an exciting opportunity to address that challenge.


Life Changing

Most of all, this plan will move ahead and everyone will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. There is no denying that increasing our knowledge or developing a new skill is beneficial for us. On-line learning and the digital platform offer hope to less fortunate groups of learners. Disabled learners, aged learners, carers and those who are bound by commitments are the most affected. The barrier is slowly disappearing presenting an opportunity to learn for all individuals.


Pilot Study Proves efficiency of Programme

Also, organisation, N.A.I.C.E, collaborated with 13 organisations to pilot a study of the government’s proposed programme. Impact found on Learners:

  • More positive about Literacy and Numeracy
  • Entry into Higher Education
  • Increased Motivation to look for work
  • Improved confidence to access on-line public services
  • Higher confidence to manage money
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved ability to access local services
  • Reduction of incidences in domestic abuse


The future is Bright

In conclusion,  this spells great news for the U.K economy. Lets hope we can now look forward to a surge of new growth in employment, education and learning facilities. So in order for our great nation to prosper, with each and every citizen possessing the essential skills needed for work. The government must continue to work with providers to deliver a plan that meets the needs of the people.

Free, digital, training, learning, government, adults, uk, skills, lsib

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