Best Way to Create Engaging eLearning Courses

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1: Weave a story. Use the Story-Arc model
Story makes your courses more interesting.

2: Include a dynamic, lively, and enthusiastic narrator
A narrator creates an opportunity for you to build a rapport with your audience.

3: Make your characters human, believable and memorable
Make practical characters who have inspirations and aspirations like those that your students have. Try not to make perfect characters that are clearly pipe dream. A couple of flaws in the characters will make them more relatable, particularly if the students can distinguish some of their flaws in them.

4: Write in the active voice
Writing in the active voice gives you a chance to converse with the student in a casual tone like a friend, so he normally tunes in.

5: Go social
Create social learning experiences by presenting highlights like intelligent discussion boards or forums where teachers can answer students’ inquiries.

6: Grab attention with powerful headlines
Your headlines should interest students and force them to dig into the content. Express your feelings through the headlines and pick impactful words to pass on your emotions to the students.
To create powerful headlines you need to include three attention-grabbing elements:

  • Curiosity
  • Benefit
  • Solution

7: Harness the power of visuals
Visuals enhance the instructional soundness of your courses besides keeping students engaged. However, keep in mind that you have to be creative.

8: Welcome them to explore and discover
The adult corporate learner loves to learn by discovering things for himself. So make open doors inside the eLearning course that enable students to explore around.

9: Don’t fear to add humor
You have to always keep in mind that you are talking to a human with feelings. You can easliy use humor to start the course off on a more relaxed tone.

10: Keep it real
Ensure that you put the learning into context. Make realistic situations that mirror the realities and the difficulties of the student’s working environment.
Some ideas to make it real:

  • Create role-playing scenarios where the students can settle on choices and see with their own eyes the results of their decisions.
  • Create videos to exhibit procedures and strategies.
  • Use case studies to depict real-life scenarios.
  • Use real-life and real time examples. Use the psychology of surprise and include unusual, unexpected, or shocking examples.

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  1. hussein abdulkadir

    I want to follow the course on line but my huge problem is the payment method,ability to pay and manner how i follow course.I ask these question different organization which give course on line but their answer is please can you give advice for me or facilitate condition for me? I write the comment form ethiopia. Igraduate from Mada walabu by accounting.

    1. David Faulkner

      Hi Hussein Abdulkadir,
      You can make online payment using credit / debit card or via Bank Transfers. You can make the payments in easy instalments. Also, please let us know which course are you interested in so that I can forward the complete details along with payment plans.
      We have a 2 Step enrollment process, simply follow the steps given below to enroll:-
      Step 1: Fill application form at
      Step 2: Pay application form fee of £10 (equivalent of $20) online.
      (You can pay using your credit or debit card)

      Once you have completed the above steps, you will receive Admission letter. Your course starts once we have received your 1st installment towards the course fee.

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