Tips To Make eLearning As Engaging As Classroom

Time Bound

It helps to have an eLearning course have a schedule and fixed timelines. It ensures that learners do not push learning session to next date but keep up the momentum.

Include powerful headlines
Grab attention with powerful headlines which force students to dig into the content. Express your feelings through the headlines and pick impactful words to pass on your emotions.
To create powerful headlines you need to include three attention-grabbing elements:

  • Curiosity
  • Benefit
  • Solution


Discussion Board

Discussion boards can be created for collaborative learning experience similar to that of classroom environment.

Case Studies

Online learning program also can have case studies, which could be shared as a part of unit-end assesment that can be reviewed by peers or by assigned manager.

Visual Content

To increase learners engagement, use different types of visual content. As human brain love visuals so its a great idea to add visuals in your content to increase your learners. Visuals also help your learners to understand easily.

Add Humor

You can easliy use humor to start the course off on a more relaxed tone. You have to always believe that you are talking to a human with feelings.


Similar puzzles or riddles can be incorporated into eLearning modules after each topic. This enlivens the learning process and ensures that there is no monotony.


Scenarios or stories are used to simplify complex concepts or ideas. Scenarios can be included in eLearning courses through simple images, animations or videos to explain a concept or rule.

Incorporate believable and memorable characters in your discussions
Adding practical characters who have inspirations and aspirations like those that your students have can help them to memorise and understand the lesson easily. Try not to make perfect characters that are clearly pipe dream. A couple of flaws in the characters will make them think that they are somehow related, particularly if the students can compare some of their flaws with them.

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