Online education’s meteoric rise during the COVID19 pandemic

Online Education Is No Longer an Option; It Is a Requirement

Due to the serious outbreak of this global pandemic Covid-19, the majority of the world is quarantined, and as a result, many cities have become phantom cities, with its effects visible in schools, colleges, and universities as well. Between all of this, online teaching and online learning can be referred to as the crisis’s panacea. The Corona Virus compelled institutions to shift from analogue to digital pedagogy.

This crisis will compel institutions that were previously resistant to change to embrace modern technology. This disaster will demonstrate the lucrative side of online education and learning. We can sermonise a large number of students at any time and from any location in the world using online teaching modes. All institutions must consider alternative online pedagogical approaches and make more effective use of technology.

Numerous universities worldwide have fully digitalised their operations, recognising the critical nature of the current situation. In the midst of this confusion, online education is emerging as the only option. After the Covid-19 outbreak, online education has increased exponentially. Normal classrooms have been transformed overnight into e-classrooms, implying that educators’ entire pedagogical approach has shifted in order to address new market conditions and adapt to changing circumstances. During this trying time, the question is not whether online teaching–learning methods can provide a high-quality education, but rather whether they can provide a quality education. COVID-19 has resulted in the closure of schools worldwide.


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