Theories about Online MBAs busted

Online education is the fastest mode of learning in the world.

Despite this, there is still a lot of scepticism and misinformation about this method of learning, especially at the master’s level and even more so when it comes to an MBA (Masters in Business Administration).

We debunk the most popular Online MBA myths in this post.

Myth : Is an online MBA as costly as a traditional MBA?

For many factors, an online MBA is also much more economical than a full-time MBA.

Physical buildings – and the overheads associated with them, such as rent, utilities, and services – are needed for a full-time MBA, as are additional staff and faculty to serve the full-time MBA students. As a result, the additional costs incurred by a university to teach students on-campus are passed on to the student through the course fee. An Online MBA is delivered through a university’s virtual learning environment, and although it meets the same academic and quality requirements as a full-time MBA, the lower overheads lead to a lower course fee.

Students can study whenever and wherever they want with an Online MBA, allowing them to continue working while earning their Masters degree.

Myth Is it easier to study for an Online MBA than for a full-time MBA?

This is a yes/no question.

In terms of research complexity, it’s a NO. Written assessments, case study review, community assignments and research projects are all part of an Online MBA programme, which is similar to a full-time MBA programme. It necessitates a similar time commitment to research as an on-campus programme, as an Online MBA from an accredited university would follow the same government-mandated academic guidelines.

In terms of versatility, the answer is a resounding YES. An Online MBA, unlike its counterpart, can be studied at any time and from any location in the world. On-campus MBA programmes require full-time or part-time attendance on weekdays or weekends, making it difficult to reconcile work and personal obligations.

Myth : Is an Online MBA just for people who are tech-savvy?

To begin studying for an Online MBA, you’ll need a simple computer system and a reliable internet connection.. All learning materials are organised by course folder and subject, so students can easily access the information they need.

Many universities often provide an induction or onboarding video to help students become acquainted with their processes, and student support resources are available to help if needed.


Myth : Are only non-credible universities offering online MBAs?

The most common – and least accurate – Online MBA myth is that an online MBA programme isn’t kept to the same high standards as a full-time MBA programme.

Accreditation is a seal of approval for a higher education institution’s competence, honesty, and academic standards. In almost every country, an academic institution must meet stringent requirements before being allowed to award a degree or use the term “university” by the government.

Furthermore, an online MBA from an accredited university must meet the same standards as a full-time MBA programme on campus, including learning results, course content, learning materials, programme structure, and so on.

The final degree award written on the parchment does not state on-campus or online MBA – it simply reads Master of Business Administration. This is the strongest evidence that an Online MBA is equivalent to a full-time MBA.

Myth 1: Is an Online MBA less beneficial than a full-time MBA for my career?

This is the culmination of all misconceptions that have preceded it, and it is completely false.

Many employers are able to partially or completely finance an Online Masters degree programme due to its affordability; it allows employees to improve their expertise and skills in their job role, allowing them to contribute more to the organisation without having to leave work.

Furthermore, as opposed to a full-time MBA, online MBAs also have more specialisation pathways, enabling students to gain a deeper understanding of their chosen field rather than the wider business principles taught in a general MBA pathway. Candidates will hone their talents in their area of expertise, giving them a strategic advantage and growing their global employability prospects.

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