9 pointers to assist you in selecting an online institution

Choosing to begin a new university qualification is a significant commitment – so it’s critical to make the best choice for you!


The best institution for you may be determined by a variety of factors, including your academic and professional background, the subject you intend to study, and your career objectives. This can be even more difficult to determine with an online institution, as you will not be able to visit the campus or meet the faculty.

Today on the blog, we’re sharing nine top tips to assist you in determining whether the university you’re considering is a high-quality institution that also fits your unique circumstances.

  1. Subjects on offer

To begin, before conducting extensive research into a particular higher education institution, ensure that it offers the course in which you are interested. This is about more than the degree title – look at the modules on offer and decide whether they are of interest to you or align with your long-term career goals.

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  1. Qualifications

Before committing to a particular institution, it’s a good idea to check the admission requirements for your course to ensure that you’ll be eligible to study there. If you lack a traditional academic background, you may be able to find a university that will accept professional work experience in lieu of academic credentials.

This is also an excellent time to check the fees associated with the course you wish to study, so you can begin planning how to finance your studies. Additionally, inquire about any available scholarships or discounts for which you may be eligible. Additionally, you’ll want to understand what the tuition fees include and whether there are any additional fees for course materials, exams, or retakes.

  1. Rankings and honours

Following that, consider the university’s reputation. There are numerous factors that apply here, but the most critical ones are as follows:

What is the TEF rating of the institution? The Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework is a rating system developed by the English government to recognise exceptional teaching at universities and colleges. The highest rating is gold, which signifies the very best teaching available in the United Kingdom.

How does the institution compare to other institutions on national and international league tables? The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guides, as well as the Complete University Guide, are the primary ones to consult in the United Kingdom.

Is the institution a recipient of any awards? The Times Higher Education Awards, held annually in November, are the UK’s premier higher education honours, recognising outstanding work across a broad range of university activities, including the prestigious University of the Year.

How satisfied are students? Consider the National Student Survey, which polls final-year undergraduate students about their college experience.

Different institutions may be ranked differently in different rankings and league tables, so it’s important to look at as many different sources as possible to get a balanced picture.

  1. Certification

Depending on your degree, it may be advantageous or even necessary for your degree to have certain accreditations if you wish to pursue a particular career. For example, in the United Kingdom, the only way to pursue a professional career as a psychologist is to complete a degree accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Meanwhile, an AMBA-accredited MBA demonstrates to prospective employers the gold standard of this prestigious qualification, as opposed to one that is not accredited.

If you’re studying for personal reasons rather than to advance your career, accreditation may be less critical. It is critical to conduct your own research into your field in order to ascertain the critical nature of a particular accreditation to your plans.

  1. Adaptability

Certain online or distance learning degrees are actually hybrid or blended degrees, requiring some online instruction but also requiring students to travel to campus for some lessons or to complete examinations at assessment centres. This can be a problem if you are unable to travel or if you choose to study at a foreign institution.

  1. Instructional style

To get the most out of your degree, it’s critical to find a teaching and learning style that works for you. Certain online institutions teach exclusively via lecture recordings, which may work for some students. The majority of people prefer a more varied approach to education, with multimedia lectures that incorporate video, audio, text, infographics, images, multiple-choice questions, and short assignments.

Discussion forums and/or live Q&A sessions or seminars frequently replace traditional classroom discussions. Additionally, you should consider how you will be evaluated. If you dislike exams, you might want to look for a course that is primarily or entirely assignment-based.

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  1. Assistance is available

While studying an online degree eliminates the opportunity to interact with university staff in person, the support provided during your studies is another critical factor to consider. Is academic and pastoral support available? What is the average class size? What about information technology support or assistance for students with disabilities?

Additionally, you should consider your experience when applying to study. A committed and knowledgeable admissions team will almost certainly result in a committed and knowledgeable student support team.

  1. Current students’ perspectives

Examining what current students and recent graduates have to say about their experiences at a particular institution is an excellent way to gain insight into what to expect while studying there. Numerous institutions will have testimonials available for viewing or reading, and you may also speak with a current student to ask any questions you may have.


Making a choice
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