Managing the management study

Managing the management study-(If you’re contemplating taking a management course, continue reading to learn why Mathew enjoys her course and how she applies her information in her daily life)

Management may appear intimidating, with all the knowledge to memorise and essays to write, but here are a few reasons why I enjoy studying business management in a global environment. I hope that by the time you reach the conclusion of this blog, you will have developed a strong interest in it as well!

  1. It surrounds you!

As I near the conclusion of the course ‘Business and management in a global setting,’ I’ve realised that it has a lot to offer. I’ve been able to apply the knowledge I’ve received in class and from my textbooks to everything that happens in my immediate environment. For example, the influence of Covid-19 on all major world economies and multinational corporations, as well as how world leaders are responding to and addressing these perilous times.

  1. Exposure to a variety of cultures and norms.


Management and people are inextricably linked. In today’s world of social media and internet usage, it’s hard to remain ignorant of other cultures and religions. A deeper understanding of different cultures enables you to be more receptive and courteous of other people and their beliefs.


At first, the notion that studying business management would educate me about various belief systems astounded me. However, as the course went, I gained an appreciation for the connection and significance of these distinct cultures to the worlds of commerce and trade.


  1. Introduces you to the actual world.

You are not merely studying the material or composing articles! Although I must revise the knowledge numerous times, I am continually impressed by how easily I am able to apply what I’ve learned to real-world circumstances. For example, when I’m watching the news or reading articles, I’m able to connect the stuff I’ve learned to current events.

  1. Content that is applicable.


The study of ‘Business and management in a global environment’ entails hands-on activities such as research, business reviews, and case studies of significant corporations. For example, I learned how organisations like Starbucks and IBM grew to be the huge corporations they are today, as well as why firms like Xerox failed.


It has improved my research abilities and increased my familiarity with the tactics and decisions that these companies used to achieve their success.

This way, you will not only learn about the theories advanced by business professors, but also how prominent corporations applied these theories to their operations and gained success.

If you are considering a degree in management and are comfortable digesting a wide variety of material, this course may be as enjoyable for you as it is for me. And if you are already enrolled in this course, I hope you found this blog informative!

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