Health and Social Care Education

Healthcare and Social Services Education, health, and social care, as well as its use in a broader social, policy, legal, and organisational context, both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Sociology, public health, law, and human services are all areas of study. In your second and third years, elective modules in mental health, disabilities, safeguarding, addictions, human rights, and care of older people allow you to pursue your interests. In your final year, you will do an individual research project with the assistance of our highly qualified academic staff.

A strong vocational orientation ensures that you learn transferrable, employability-enhancing abilities. Graduates of this degree are prepared for a variety of positions in the broader health and social care sectors, including not-for-profit (volunteer), private, and public sectors. Typical graduation destinations for students majoring in health and social care include the following:

Direct interaction with clients in sectors such as:

Families and children

Misuse of drugs and alcohol

Mental health services for the elderly, crippled, and youth

Other facets of human services include the following:

Promotion of health/protection of public health

Development of the community

Environmental stewardship

Policy and administration in health care

Management of healthcare

Development of social enterprises

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