A growing number of MSc Management graduates are pursuing professions in the health industry, often in unconventional ways.

We witnessed our graduates make inroads into national health systems prior to the pandemic, leading hospitals and medical centres with their operations management knowledge. Our graduates now have additional opportunities as a result of the pandemic. The world has been altered by this dramatic worldwide threat, which has also resulted in some exciting technologies and opportunities. We never thought that our students would apply for employment online without ever meeting their new employer in person. We never dreamed our students would arrive at the office dressed to impress or making their first cup of tea for their coworkers. We have entered a new world in which the rule book has been abandoned and occupations and offices appear to be completely different.

It has become into a bit of a cliche. Let’s have a peek at how our recent MSc Management graduates are faring in the real world. The MSc Management programme cultivates courageous and innovative individuals who are willing to take on jobs that have never existed before and job descriptions that have not been defined. Whether in Barrow, globally, or via Zoom in a home office. MSc Management is a postgraduate programme that has been operational throughout the pandemic. The programme was successful in establishing ties with freshly founded businesses and placing its graduates in exciting roles that will forever alter the future of the workplace paradigm.

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