Is a Degree in Digital Marketing Time and Money Well Spent? The advantages of self-directed marketing

Without a question, degrees are an excellent method to acquire a breadth of marketing and digital marketing skills. However, if you want a more concentrated, economical, and convenient study programme, self-teaching may be the best option for you.

Numerous online courses are available to assist you in learning about digital marketing, including the following:

Google’s Digital Workshop
Digital Marketing Bootcamp at Thinkful
Certification in HubSpot Content Marketing
Udemy offers courses in digital marketing.
LinkedIn Offers Free Digital Marketing Certification Courses Coursera’s Digital Marketing Courses
Kellogg School of Management’s Master of Science in Digital Marketing
Facebook’s Design
Anyone in the marketing profession will tell you that the most effective method to learn marketing is to practise it. Many people believe that someone who is self-taught has a greater willingness to continue their growth in a full-time position, whereas graduates may feel a little less eager to do so — given that they have just spent three to four years in higher school.

Possibilities for employment for a self-taught marketer
Numerous agencies throughout the country provide internships to ambitious marketers. One advantage of completing an apprenticeship is that you will have the opportunity to use your knowledge in real-world business scenarios. You may pick a creative apprenticeship, but you will still gain an understanding of how a business runs as a result of your involvement.

Across the country, organisations are beginning to accept portfolios of work. With social media continuing to grow in popularity and marketing moving further and further online, sharing your accomplishments with companies and being able to demonstrate your work goes a long way.

Another possibility is to create your own website. Find something that fascinates you – whatever that may be – and use your website to demonstrate your knowledge and digital marketing abilities. You never know who may be watching and taking an interest in your work.

Therefore, which is preferable? A marketing degree or none at all?
As with everything else in life, it is entirely based on who you are as a person and the characteristics of your personality. If you are the type of person who gains a greater knowledge while in an academic setting, a degree may be the ideal option for you. Naturally, there are additional benefits to attending university and getting a comprehensive understanding of the field in a more structured educational setting.

However, for other people, the greatest approach to learn anything new is to simply do it and learn as they go. For those folks, an apprenticeship or online course may be a better fit, and developing a solid portfolio of work will enable you to apply to a variety of different organisations – you may even end up starting your own marketing agency in the process!

To summarise, the digital marketing industry accepts all personalities and individuals; after all, successful marketing is always about the client; it makes no difference how you learn it as long as you are devoted to always acquiring new skills and honing existing ones. Marketing will continue to evolve, and we will all need to acquire new abilities.

At Coast Digital, we understand that when you’re new to marketing, it’s difficult to know where to begin. That’s why we created the Coast Campus to help everyone better understand digital marketing. Our marketing professionals are available to provide individualised digital training courses and workshops. Through these courses and workshops, you will gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to construct, optimise, and profit from your digital marketing. Contact our digital marketing specialists immediately!

Making a choice

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