How to Become an Supply chain Manager

Do you believe oneself to be always creative, rational, and analytical? Do you flourish when faced with obstacles and take pleasure in reaching deadlines? Would you want to pursue a career in a lucrative, stable, and very diversified industry? If so, supply chain and logistics management may be the ideal profession for you!

What do Logistics and Supply Chain Managers Do?

Supply chain management is, in the simplest words, the process of ensuring that what is required arrives precisely when and where it is needed. It might be the provision of raw materials to a factory, the transfer of products to a High Street merchant, or the shipment of items to the final consumer. Multiple operators, contributors, and overseers are tasked with coordinating supply chains, which are very complex and include a multitude of participants.

Specific responsibilities vary depending on the context, but a typical day for a supply chain manager may include:

  • regulating production and distribution processes
  • Statistical examination of sales and performance
  • Logistics strategy formulation and planning
  • Management of inventory strategy and logistics
  • Management of product storage, handling, and delivery
  • Warehouse administration and oversight
  • HR management and deployment
  • Am I Qualified for This Job?

Logistics managers have a crucial job that is both administrative and extremely hands-on. Due to the extreme complexity of the typical supply chain, the administration of all essential responsibilities may be challenging. It is a position that requires full oversight of all internal duties and employees, as well as knowledge of the status of every other vital link in the supply chain.

Among the most crucial characteristics necessary for success in this challenging specialty are the following:

  • Skills in critical thinking and problem solving
  • A highly logical and quick-witted disposition
  • Outstanding organisation skills
  • The desire and capability to establish and maintain solid partnerships
  • Natural leadership and the power to inspire
  • Capacity to maintain composure in high-pressure situations Enhanced communication skills
  • Superb time-management
  • Refined and expert interpersonal abilities

Continuous Progression

Entry-level supply chain management professionals might anticipate earning between £18,000 and £22,000 for their first supervisory positions. Advanced-level managers frequently make more than £45,000 per year, while executives and directors in the sector might earn more than £100,000 per year.

Professional Way of Life

Supply chain managers must be ready to get their hands filthy, since the work entails a significant amount of physical labour. However, exceptional commercial and administrative abilities are necessary to perform key back-of-house responsibilities. The majority of commercial supply chains and logistics service providers operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. As a result, its working hours are often variable and often unexpected.

“After a couple of years on the job, I was promoted to warehouse supervisor when I decided to take an online course to assist me climb the ladder. It’s a work with far more pressure than I anticipated, yet the daily gratification is great. It is my responsibility to ensure that all the parts of the puzzle fit together correctly.” – Carl Longford, Warehouse Manager

In order to be successful in supply chain management, practical experience is vital, as is a solid theoretical basis. A recognised credential may make all the difference when it comes to landing that crucial first job and seeking advancement.

Making a choice

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