Interview advice for financial experts

Preparing for an interview may be a full-time job, particularly for applicants who have been in their present position for a long and haven’t interviewed recently.

Many applicants with extensive experience find it difficult to prepare for interviews since they don’t know where to begin.We meet with a number of seasoned and experienced senior applicants and make it a point to prepare them for interviews so that they stand out from the crowd.

Below, I have included some of the most important interview preparation recommendations I provide to my senior applicants.

Determine your audience

Ensure you do study on the interviewer’s past and really comprehend their positions in the organisation; take notice of the companies they’ve worked for and how their careers have developed.

If you have previously worked for the same company, or if you were especially pleased with the interviewer’s career growth within the company you are interviewing with, such information might provide fantastic conversation topics.

Knowing a little bit about your interviewees can aid in establishing a stronger relationship with them.

Know the function
If you are working with a recruiter, you may use their connection with the interviewer/company to ensure that you have a thorough grasp of the position for which you are interviewing.

A recruiter may emphasise some “nice-to-have” abilities you possess that aren’t expressly required by the job description.

This will guarantee that you devote time during the interview to discussing these talents, rather than the interviewer presuming you lack them.

Know why you want the position

Understanding the position you’re applying for is crucial, but understanding why you want the position is just as crucial.

Many times, senior applicants have informed me that they did not advance to the second round of interviews. In general, they were unable to persuade the interviewer that they were really interested in the position.

For a senior applicant with a lot of experience who is applying for a position that may seem to be a lateral move, interviewers will inquire as to why the prospect desires the position.

Consequently, it is crucial that you understand why you desire the position so that you may answer any concerns the interviewer may have.

Know the business

It goes without saying that you should investigate the company’s history and take note of any significant events or news in the last few months, such as notable executive movements, accomplishments, and structural changes.

Demonstrating knowledge about the firm demonstrates your genuine interest in the organisation and excitement for the position.

Prepare questions

You are doing well in the interview if you have done the bulk of talking.

However, you may not have had the opportunity to ask questions that might have helped you get a better grasp of the opportunities on offer.

Interviewers will always allow you to ask questions towards the conclusion of the interview, and I always advise applicants to be well-prepared for this portion of the interview.

Some questions can only be answered by the interviewer, especially if they are more commercially sensitive and are not something the interviewer would discuss publicly with recruiters.

When you come prepared with pertinent questions to ask the interviewer, you display your real interest in the position and distinguish yourself from other applicants.

These ideas should set you on the correct path for interview preparation and help you stand out from the crowd as a memorable applicant.

Making a choice

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