Essential advice for those employed in hotel management

Here are some techniques to impress hiring managers during an interview for a career in hotel management, or to flourish in your present role over the long run.

  • Learn the inner workings of each department you supervise. For instance, if you work in a hotel, you must have extensive knowledge of food, event planning, front desk operations, etc.
  • Keep abreast of the most recent information from the World Health Organization and your country’s Department of Tourism so you can keep your personnel and clients safe.
  • Be conversant with cutting-edge marketing and business intelligence technologies so that you may work more efficiently.
  • Create or collect templates for the daily responsibilities of each department so that you may standardise the process across all departments and train new workers more quickly.
  • Create a culture of attentiveness and frequent feedback collection from visitors, then use this information to enhance their experiences. This may be accomplished locally using incentive-based feedback cards or online with free social media monitoring tools like Social Mention.

Making a choice

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