Five ways customer service influences the bottom line

Positivity or negativity may result from a client’s influence on a firm, and the best way to steer this is through excellent customer care employees performing their finest job. Click here to learn how to accomplish that, but stay put to learn why you should. This article examines five ways in which an excellent customer support staff may positively affect sales.

1. Happy clients are devoted ones that continue to spend

What does customer satisfaction entail? It often involves making the consumer feel desired, valued, and heard. Ultimately, it encourages people to remain loyal rather than defect to a rival. Despite this, many businesses prioritise acquiring new customers at the expense of their present clientele. The cost of acquiring a new client is seven times that of keeping an existing one. Simply simply, it makes greater economic sense to attempt to retain existing consumers.

The best way to do this is via excellent customer service. Seventy-five percent of consumers will spend more money with a firm that provides a positive customer experience, according to data. How a company’s customer care teams function and their effect on the client are crucial. Combining loyalty programmes, customer awards, and excellent customer service may have a significant effect on maintaining and consolidating loyal consumers.

2. dissatisfied consumers drive away new customers

With social media and online reviews, a dissatisfied consumer may create a poor and lasting impression on a firm. The persistent statistic that a “dissatisfied consumer notifies 10 others” originated with Coca-Cola. Their own investigation in 1980 confirmed:

Unsatisfied clients often notified nine to ten individuals about their experience.
Customers who were completely happy informed an average of 4–5 others about theirs.
This is easily quantifiable and demonstrates that unfavourable customer experiences may quickly harm a company’s image, while good customer experiences have a more gradual effect. That was in 1980, long before the internet’s strength and the ability of people to interact with others around the world. Now, the same client may write a negative review and account that might be seen by hundreds of thousands of prospective customers. It is impossible to overestimate the impact and peril of a single poor customer experience.

3.Customer interactions may result in insights and innovations

Customer services and customer support (there is a distinction, which you can learn about here) work together to make your customers’ lives simpler. Hopefully, they collaborate with a social media staff that is similarly committed to offering outstanding customer encounters. All of these touchpoints are opportunities for your business to provide exceptional services and to get feedback. By listening to and comprehending client problems, a company may determine how its goods and services are being accepted and if they can be improved.

Imagine a situation in which a number of clients routinely want less plastic packing in their delivery. Some consumers complain about it on Twitter, while others note it while purchasing purchases. A competent customer service personnel should take notice and relay this information to the rest of the organisation. If the firm chooses to address the issue, the customers who raised it will feel as if they have positively impacted the company, and brand loyalty will be strengthened. When companies actively listen to and respond to client feedback, the connection of customer loyalty develops stronger.

4. Excellent customer service is a feature

How frequently have you referred a friend to a company, service, or product and highlighted their customer service? For the majority of individuals, it is encouraging to learn that a phone network has the finest coverage or the most enticing pricing. However, the deciding factor is how they address and manage consumer complaints. If we have confidence that a firm provides a quality product and excellent customer service, we feel secure.

When a company’s website lacks phone numbers, email addresses, and a live chat facility, we typically assume that any potential concerns will be more difficult to fix. A company’s availability of high-quality customer service that is actively discussed by customers is an appealing trait. Consumer confidence and trust are increased when a company actively demonstrates its desire to handle consumer concerns and provides a two-way contact channel.

As with every beneficial aspect of an organisation, customer service can always be improved. Good customer service consists of four essential components: prompt resolutions, helpful and engaged employees, 24/7 assistance, and the opportunity for clients to choose their chosen contact method. If you believe you are currently providing excellent customer satisfaction, why not strive to handle concerns more quickly or develop additional channels of contact like Messenger or WhatsApp?

Constant improvements in speed and ease will transform your customer service into an appealing, positive facet of your business, making your organisation the envy of the whole customer service sector.

5. Follow-up customer care might provide upselling chances

Upselling is the most direct method that exceptional customer service may favourably affect your bottom line. This should not include follow-up sales calls forcing current customers into purchasing more items or services, but rather a simple follow-up contact to evaluate the client’s satisfaction with their purchase. If the conversation is handled appropriately, the client will feel comfortable expressing any further demands that your organisation may be able to meet. This gives your customer support professional the chance to offer welcoming suggestions.

If the consumer has loved the experience so far and wants additional smart home integration, the agent for a smart home system may be able to propose their own-brand smart plugs.

In a follow-up contact, a local veterinarian who handled an emergency condition may learn that the pet has other minor concerns that may be remedied, so gaining more revenue. A manufacturer may be pleased with their new time management software and see potential to use it into their sister firm.

In addition to being a chance to generate more purchases, it may also be an opportunity to discover tiny problems before they become major ones, such as when the waiter asks how the meal is. If they arrive too late, the client will be displeased with their dinner, but if they arrive after they have had a chance to taste it, they will be able to send it back to the kitchen to be fixed. The consumer enjoys their dinner together with the other diners.


All of the aforementioned factors contribute to your consumer feeling important, respected, and heard. They give your business with growth, learning, and upselling possibilities, when applicable. Consumers that leave favourable evaluations and share great experiences assist in establishing a positive reputation that draws further customers.

Good customer service may positively affect your bottom line. The extensive list of advantages should motivate you to create an excellent customer support plan.

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