What is the definition of supply chain management?
Simply described, supply chain management is the process of delivering goods to people when they need them at an affordable price.

A supply chain connects businesses to their clients. Experts in the supply chain make it possible for you to get the clothing you wear, the food you eat, and the energy you consume.

Consider Covid-19. The selection of manufacturers for vaccines, the manner in which they are manufactured and disseminated, and your own vaccination are all examples of supply chains in action. Consider the summer 2021 fuel shortages in the United Kingdom; it was supply chain knowledge that ensured gasoline reached the forecourts after the shortages. When you buy from online merchants, they deploy cutting-edge technology in their logistical operations to ensure that your product is delivered to your doorstep.

What is the importance of supply chain management?
Regional, national, and international, supply chain management is ubiquitous. Without it, industry and the economy would come to a grinding stop. In a global economy, the capacity to manage supply chains effectively has a significant impact on several parts of our daily life.

Supply chains are a vital component of the British economy, contributing around £127 billion and employing 1.7 million people, or over 5 percent of the labour population (LogisticsUK Report, 2021).

DHL, one of the largest supply chain management businesses in the world, reports that there are insufficient supply chain managers to satisfy demand. A degree in Business and Supply Chain Management may equip you to fill the void in talent.

What are the responsibilities of supply chain managers?
Managers of the supply chain are accountable for the transfer of commodities from producers and suppliers to customers.

As a supply chain manager, you will supervise and direct the whole manufacturing process, from the procurement of raw materials through the delivery of the finished product.

You will guarantee that the appropriate volume of product is produced at the appropriate time and manage the storage of the goods. Organising the transfer of products from distribution centre to clients and retailers requires trend forecasting and inventory management.

What skills will I acquire with a degree in supply chain management?
In a degree programme in business and supply chain management, you will learn analytical approaches and technological abilities to enhance your decision-making. You will gain knowledge in risk management, strategic management, logistics management, as well as how to acquire items and manage supply lines. You will investigate the ethics and sustainability of global supply networks while using professional software, systems, and techniques.

These abilities may be used to a number of challenges including vehicle routing, scheduling, facility placement, assignment, and resource allocation.

You will also study soft skills, such as managing change, developing successful teams, persuading, influencing, and relationship management, in addition to technical abilities.

What professions may I pursue if I major in supply chain management?
If you can convince, influence, get along with others, and collaboratively solve complicated issues, supply chain management may be the right job for you. The skills you acquire may also offer doors to professions in business, human resources, and finance. In addition, there are other employment prospects, such as inventory management, transport management, production management, and purchasing management.

It is an interesting, challenging, and lucrative professional path. Graduate starting salary average around £24,337. The average supply chain executive salary is around £30,420, while supply chain analysts make an average of £34,601 and supply chain planners earn £29,980. The average supply chain manager pay is around £46,995

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